BLACK DECKER Mini Die Grinder 114 Gerinda Bor Mini Multifungsi Rotary


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garansi 1 tahun

dilengkapi dengan 114 accessories


The Micro Grind of the Black & Decker Model RT18KA is designed for the most varied activities and applications:

- Drilling of wood, metal and plastic;

- Cutting in wood, metal and plastic;

- Recording and modeling of wood, metal, plastics and fiberglass;

- polishing of metal, glass and ceramics;

- Sharpening of metal;

- Wood and fiberglass aggregate;

- Removal of rust and corrosion of metals.

High torque, rubberized grip, practical quick and variable speed separator are some words that characterize the micro grinding machine Black & Decker RT18KA.


Power : 180W


MAX CAPACITY: 1/16" (1.6MM) , 3/32" (2.4MM) , 1/8" (3.2MM)


Multi-purpose rotary tool X 1

Support Clamp X 1

Adjustable Metal rod for hanging X 1

Flex shaft X 1

Collet Wrench X 1

Collets X 3 :1/8", 3/32", 1/16"

Cut off wheels X 23

Sanding Discs X 31

Drum Sander X 1

Sanding Bands X 18

Felt Polishing Wheels X 9

Brass Brush X 1

Radial Brass Brush X 1

Bristle Brush X 1

Radial Bristle Brush X 1

Diamond Bits X 3

Multi Purpose Bits X 3

Screw Mandrels X 2

Mandrel For Felt Wheels X 1

Dressing Stone X 1

Grinding Stones X 10

Depth Gauge And Plastic Box X 1